We believe the world will become more secure when cybersecurity is part of the fabric of everyday living.

Uniting Women in Cyber 2024

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Leaders, influencers, and professionals motivated to develop the workforce as a collective initiative, and those pursuing skills and qualifications to enter cyber roles, to learn and share ideas and knowledge, and to expand their sphere of influence and professional networks. 

Participants get:

About Uniting Women in Cyber

Uniting Women In Cyber convenes a powerful and diverse network of leaders, experts and practitioners from across sectors and industries to discuss lessons learned, emerging trends and practices, and to determine actionable strategies.

UWIC Summit Includes

Key notes from nationally recognized thought leaders

Dynamic panels with thought-provoking speakers

Highly interactive audience sessions and Q&A

Quality time to grow purposeful networks and professional spheres of influence

Did You Know...

Women make up only 24% of the cybersecurity workforce
Women are expected to make up 35% of the cybersecurity workforce by 2031
US-based cybersecurity jobs will increase 33% through to 2030


Cybersecurity threats know no borders, and as such, a comprehensive understanding of regional challenges is paramount in fortifying global defenses.

Esteemed cybersecurity leaders from around the globe will convene to share invaluable insights gleaned from their respective regions, shedding light on the diverse challenges faced in the realm of cybersecurity.

From Asia-Pacific to Europe, India to the Americas, our esteemed panelists will provide unique perspectives on the evolving threat landscape, regulatory landscapes, and innovative approaches to cybersecurity.

Topics include:

  • Cyber on the frontline of national security
  • Regulation and approaches to managing and militating risk
  • Workforce – What problems are we trying to solve and progress being made?

Brings to life the popular Cyber Guild See It To be It Spotlights.

Rising stars and rock stars from all aspects of cybersecurity share their personal stories of their journeys to cyber. 

Highly interactive session facilitated by Lightcast, the company behind Cyberseek.org.

Building better workforce solutions requires silos to be broken down between key stakeholders such as employers, talent, and training providers. Be one of the first to get hands-on access to the new Cyberseek.org employer “skills based hiring toolkit”.

We are all leaders in our own way, for our own career, for a work team, or informally through influence in organization or social networks. This is an opportunity to play a leader role to contribute feedback from the perspective of a key stakeholder in cyber hiring practices.

Safeguarding Elections in the Age of Misinformation

2024 is election year, globally! Estimated 64% of the global population will be represented in an election this year in over 64 countries. In an era where misinformation runs rampant, safeguarding the integrity of our elections has never been more crucial.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the audience for this podcast interview. Nationally recognized podcasters lead a discussion to  explore the complexities of combating misinformation and ensuring fair and transparent elections.

Discussion will cover:

  • How to identify and debunk false information
  • The role of technology and social media platforms in spreading and combating misinformation
  • The importance of digital literacy and critical thinking to navigate proliferation of misinformation

As the digital landscape continues to expand, so too do the threats against our most vulnerable population: children. Online child exploitation is a pervasive and heartbreaking issue that demands immediate attention and coordinated action.

In this intimate fireside chat, experts will delve into the multifaceted challenge posed by online predators and discuss proactive measures to safeguard our children in the digital age.

Threat actors and aggressors are a diverse network not bound by geography, moral code, or compliance. Only a diverse, purposeful, and skillful network can counteract them.

A highly interactive session, lead by our friends from Skull Games to help demonstrate how the cyber mindset and related know-how and skills can play a role in protecting our most vulnerable.

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the intersection of cybersecurity, AI, quantum computing, and satellite technology heralds a new frontier of possibilities and challenges.

Be more informed and expand your horizons in this discussion amongst true cyber experts from across industry, academia and policy. Our distinguished panelists will share insights, experiences, and predictions on how these domains intertwine to shape the landscape of the 21st century.

Topics include:

  • Symbiotic relationship between Ai and cybersecurity
  • Harnessing the power of quantum computing for data security and analysis
  • The role of satellites in an era of interconnected devices and smart cities
  • Ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks in the age of emerging technologies

A powerhouse of women leaders join in frank conversation and share insights and strategies for breaking barriers and driving meaningful change in boardroom diversity.

While progress has been made in recent years, women’s representation in corporate boardrooms and at leadership levels remains a pressing issue.

Topics included:

  • Importance of diversity in corporate governance and decision making
  • What is the criteria for a successful board leader
  • Overcoming systemic barriers and biases in boardroom recruitment
  • Strategies to build experiences, network and capabilities for aspiring women leaders

A new addition to UWIC. This is a crossover event with the Cyber Guild Recognition Awards reception drinks.

This crossover UWIC Afterparty provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to mix and mingle in with UWIC speakers and alumni, Cyber Guild Luminaires, Partners, and Recognition Awardees past and present.

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Bring diverse leaders and thinking to address the challenge of attracting non-traditional and diverse talent to cybersecurity and to retain and advance to management and leadership positions.

What People Are Saying

"Participating in The Cyber Guild and UWIC has not only been an incredible opportunity to discuss recent cyber events and shape future cyber policy making, these events have also been where I've made new professional connections and lifelong friendships with peers across the industry."
Kim Gajewski
Principal Consultant,  
Mandient (Google Cloud)
"I was blown away by the access to women and ally leaders in cyber who shared their career journeys, lessons learned, thought leadership on emerging technological trends and best practices to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion at work."
LaLisha Hurt
Industry Advisor, Public Sector, Federal,  
LaLisha Hurt Headsot
"UWIC was the first women-focused event I attended and it was such a valuable experience because of the caliber and accessibility of the speakers. Intimate events are a wonderful way to really get to know everybody in the room, and the fact that it was attended by more than just women showed us the mentalities that our allies have for advancing our place in the industry."
Maril Vernon
Senior Application Security Architect,  
"UWIC was a professional and personal life changer! It introduced me to a powerhouse of talent and support in the vital cyber community I had never known. This unique conference is valuable to any female interested in strengthening her network with women who help women."
Sue McCarthy
Host, Women's Business Report,  
WJLA 24/7 News
"This was the best conference I attended and it's back for their annual event in October. The network and friendships I've gained from this one day is a close second to the quality of content presented. Always an all-star lineup of speakers."
Kathryn Wang
VP of Partnerships, Public Sector,  

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