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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access

The Cyber Guild is a not-for-profit organization working to improve the understanding and practice of cybersecurity, and to help raise awareness and education for all. We accomplish this through collaboration, coordination, and the dissemination of information.

Our vision is to ensure security professionals have access to an inclusive space
where they can grow, learn, lead, and succeed. It is the Cyber Guild’s position that with the right level of support and leadership development, women and other underrepresented groups in cybersecurity will help lead the way for improving the world’s cyber defenses.

What We Believe

The Cyber Guild is built on these core principles:

Attracting Diversity

Attracting Diversity to All Level of the Industry

Building cybersecurity teams of people from different backgrounds brings different ways of thinking and different skills to the table – and can improve defenses.

Unifying Allies

Unifying Allies Across the Public and Private Sectors

A diverse and collaborative network of both public and private sector leaders will expand our impact and solidify the presence of cybersecurity into everyday life.

Ensuring Opportunities

Ensuring Opportunities Are as Universal as Talent

Diverse work environments are more prosperous and spark innovation. Giving a voice to under-served communities will lead to an inclusive, diverse workforce and sustainability for the cyber industry.

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