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I got into cyber through my military career first working in the Presidential Escort Unit 3rd U. S. Infantry at Fort Myer which dovetailed into me switching my career from Infantry to Communications. 

My first CISO role came in the Department of Corrections for Virginia back in the 90’s.  I have been the CISO here in Fairfax County now for almost 21 years.

The attributes that help set me up for success are the ability to adapt to almost any situation, to always being open to learning how the businesses operate and to using that knowledge work at enabling secure business.  NO is never the answer.  Being able to explain risk and vulnerabilities to leadership was crucial in getting buy in for my program.

My recommended read is 24 Hours Inside the President’s Bunker 9*11*01 by LT. Col. Robert J. Darling – it exemplifies how military experience can be applied to many situations.  I use my military experience every day.

The biggest influencers in my career were my mother who taught me humility and compassion, and my father who taught me discipline and leadership.

My inspiration comes frommy role models and peers in my life and career.  The bad and the good, will always help make you a better person and professional.

My true calling has always been to be a Civil Servant.  I grew up learning that giving back is way more rewarding.

A favorite place of mine …Arlington Cemetery. No one sacrificed more for this country than those that are buried there.