Kristie Grinnell Spotlight Photo

I got into cyber – As I have grown up in IT, through application business analysis, development, and testing, cyber has been at the forefront to ensure we create applications in a safe manner. Now as CIO, I am overall accountable for cyber security for our IT ecosystem at DXC.

For me, a positive cyber mindset is –

Two key points:

  1. Cyber is everyone’s responsibility. No matter what level or role in the organization we all must take our cyber responsibility seriously.
  2. Get to Yes! Employees and people will always try to get work done. We can’t create a cyber wall that prevents people from getting work done. They will find a way and we might not like how they do it as it might be insecure. So instead, we must find a way to “get to yes” to allow people to do their work securely.

The skill that set me up for success – is “problem-solving.” Trained as a mechanical engineer by degree in undergraduate school, every class focuses on a methodical and logical approach to problem-solving. Cyber is indeed solving problems every day!

I would tell my younger self – “Be curious.” Ask why, learn something new, and always be reading. This will allow you always to bring something new to the table.

My inspiration – is my three kids (Emma (20), Ty (19) & Addie (18)) and their generation. We have to make this world a better place for them.

What I most want to be remembered for is – “always doing the right thing even when it is hard.”