Kris Lovejoy Thumbnail spotlight Oct 22
Quote I Live By
“To lead the people, walk behind them."

I got into cyber through sheer luck.

I was asked to take the MS Proxy Server exam so that I could install and configure what was considered a “firewall” at the time.  Voila – I became a security person.

The experience that set me up for success was being a mom to 4 kids. It’s where I truly learned to manage risk.

I would tell my younger self “Always assume good intentions”.

Oh yes, and don’t wear blue eyeliner and feather earrings in your HS graduation photo!

The quote I live by To lead the people, walk behind them”. Lao Tzu

The biggest influencers in my life – my dogs, my kids, my husband, in that order 😊

My recommended read -Cloud Cuckoo Land, by Anthony Doer.

My true calling – Archaeologist.

A favorite place of mine – Dominica.

My inspiration is my mom.

Best book ever written Lord of the Rings. (naturally)