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Quote I Live By
“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

The biggest influencers in my life – my family.

During my Marine Corps career, my wife often put her career on hold to support the family as we moved across the country and overseas. And, well into my political career she continues to do the same, so for that I am eternally grateful. I also strive to be a role model for my two daughters who are in the early stage of their professional careers. I constantly re-enforce to them that there is nothing wrong with being first at something and education is a great equalizer.

What is the U.S. Department of Labor doing to help employers fill their open cybersecurity positions?

With the demand for cybersecurity professionals increasing each year, the U.S. Department of Labor is working hard to help employers fill these open positions. We are connecting transitioning service members and military spouses to these opportunities through our Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, Employment Navigator and Partnership Pilot, and we are working with the White House, departments of Commerce and Homeland Security to support a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint. Through this sprint, employers, industry associations, labor unions and training providers are exploring how they can use Registered Apprenticeship to recruit, train and retain diverse talent, to include veterans and military spouses.  

The quote I live by – “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”, this drives me in the sense that you can avoid pain in your personal and professional life by being prepared.  For example, as a runner like I am or (as I like to call myself), when you step on the line in a race you know if you have fully prepared or not.  The same thing goes for how you approach your professional responsibilities.  You must do your homework!

A favorite place of mine is the outdoors.  I love to run or hike trails for miles with nothing to listen to but the sound of nature. And, Cade, my Shiba Inu who has been my running/hiking partner for the past 11 years has put a lot of miles in training me for races, enjoys it just as much.