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I got into cyber – Well, since I’m not a cyber professional, through a recommendation from a colleague at MITRE who mentioned the need for neurodivergent talent in cybersecurity and the need for neurodiversity-inclusive design to help reduce some of the issues around burnout in the industry that associate with attrition.

For me, a positive cyber mindset is – Being open to thinking differently to solve problems. We know that the need for innovative thinking is crucial to prevent and solve cybersecurity problems, but managers and teams should consider inserting flexibility into defining “who” can do the job and “how” it gets done.

My top tip to those interested in transitioning to a career in cybersecurity is – Network and find a mentor. There are so many fields to choose from, which can be overwhelming. Spending some time really analyzing what skills you have and why, as well as your conditions for employment (how you like to work and with whom) should be determined before you go down the education/training path.

My recommended read – “Neurotribes” by Steve Silberman provides a wonderful description of the power of neurodiversity and the importance of harnessing neurodivergent talent in the workplace.

The experience that set me up for success – Finding people who support me and can help me grow and not being afraid to ask for help and be vulnerable.