Christina Ayiotis Spotlight
Quote I Live By
“My word is my bond."

I got into cyber through my participation serving on the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Security Committee back in 2006.

For me, a positive cyber mindset is – all about creating a trusted, collaborative environment where all stakeholders work together to address cyber risks/challenges from a global business perspective, as well as a national security perspective.

My top tip to those interested in transitioning to a career in cybersecurity is – to network, network, network. There are so many distinct aspects to cybersecurity that continually expanding your knowledge is critical. One of the best ways to achieve that level of continuous learning is through creating and maintaining relationships with a diverse set of cyber colleagues.

The quote I live by – is “My word is my bond,” which pre-dated my even thinking about law school. I only recently learned that it is the motto of the London Stock Exchange where “dictum meum Pactum” can be found on its coat of arms. A variation of that is “all you really have is your word,” something I said a lot to my daughter as she was growing up. This was my way of teaching her to be ethical/responsible and to always do what you say you will do. And, if you can no longer do what you promised, let that person know.

The biggest influencers in my life – were Dr. Herbert Hirsch (a former college professor/holocaust scholar) and Nelson Mandela (my hero).

My recommended read – involves a variety of books: Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet; Shane Harris’ @War: The Rise of the Military Internet Complex; Steven Levy’s Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government—Saving Privacy in the Digital Age; James Stavridis’/Elliott Ackerman’s 2034: A Novel of the Next World War; and Dr. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. The best source of books for those in the field of cybersecurity can be found at the Cybersecurity Canon (presently located at Ohio State University). [Full Disclosure: I was a volunteer for the Cybersecurity Canon for several years when it was part of Palo Alto Networks.]

A favorite place of mine is – at the head of my dining room table (which seats 12) hosting dinner parties where I do all the shopping (Falls Church Farmers Market and Wegmans) and cooking.

What I most want to be remembered for is – being a loyal friend, a responsible citizen, a trusted colleague, and a loving parent.