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Collaboration is the key to success

Through the power of many, the Cyber Guild tackles the challenges of cybersecurity.

The Cyber Guild supports a community of technologists, educators, employers, economic development councils, and cybersecurity evangelists aimed at making cybersecurity a part of everyday living.

The members of our communities come together to share experiences and best practices, and to empower one another to tackle the issues which impact cybersecurity.

Governance & Regulatory Compliance

The GRC Community will explore, eventualize, and educate on three important aspects of cybersecurity – Governance, Risk, and Compliance. The council is composed of diverse professionals from multiple industries, professions, life experiences, geographies, and levels within their field. This diversity in the council is purposeful as cybersecurity is considered of many lenses, many needs, and many repercussions. The Community will represent both public and private sectors and brand the purpose and awareness of its mission through thought leadership, forums, events, associations, collateral, and advertising.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Staying ahead in the fight against the relentless pace of emerging cyber threats requires the diversity of thought, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurialism of the U.S. small business community. The E&SB community has been formed to amplify the small business community’s efforts to turn diverse cybersecurity ideas into solutions while they drive sustainable growth in the cybersecurity workforce. The E&SB community will connect bright entrepreneurs and small businesses with each other, and with investors. We take a creative approach to support our member community with valuable content. Our flagship program is CyberTunity.

Matt Fogo – Chair

SVP – Sales and Marketing, Neosystem, Inc.

Builds trusted relationships to deliver lasting results.

Scott McCormick – Co

CISO, Reciprocity

Reciprocity enables companies to track, manage, and assess information security compliance and remediate risk

Jamil Evans

President, CTO and Co-Founder, Evans & Chambers Technology

Helping organizations build secure information systems while delivering a decisive technological advantage against adversaries

Courtney Brady

VP Marketing, ThreatBlockr

Expert in marketing complex technology in a crowded marketplace.

GRC Community Team Members: Tom Miller – CEO, Clearforce, Tatyana Bolton – Security Policy Manager, Google, Hema Lakshminarayanan – Senior Director GRC, Verisign

E&SB Community Team Members: Josh Rothman, Small Business Advisor, Usman Paracha, Cybersecurity Analyst

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility


Cyber Risk & Insurance


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