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Through the power of many, the Cyber Guild tackles the challenges of cybersecurity.

The Cyber Guild supports a community of technologists, educators, employers, economic development councils, and cybersecurity evangelists aimed at making cybersecurity a part of everyday living.

The members of our communities come together to share experiences and best practices, and to empower one another to tackle the issues which impact cybersecurity.

Diverse Minds Movement

The Diverse Minds Movement is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within the cybersecurity nonprofit sector. Our mission is to recognize, embrace, and harness the unique strengths and perspectives of neurodiverse individuals, while actively dismantling barriers that hinder their participation and success. Our goal is to drive innovation and secure a safer digital landscape by celebrating neurodiversity and harnessing its potential for the betterment of society. More details coming soon!


Elizabeth Green

Occupational Therapist and Owner,
Link OT, LLC

Claudia Matteo

BID Excellence & Automation Program Manager,
PMP®, PsyM,

Bridging gaps through trauma-informed healing-centered support to bring out the best of all minds.

David Beabout

Global Chief CISO,
NTT Security Holdings

Passionate about human potential and deeply curious about helping people excel in their lives.

Lisa Remsa Headshot

Lisa Remsa

Senior Marketing Manager,
Coalfire Federal

Devin Harris Headshot

Devin Harris

Technical Product Manager,

Debbie Sallis

Co-Executive Director,
The Cyber Guild

Helping leaders to build inspiring legacies.

Kassandra Pierre

Vice President,
CIB Business Activities Monitoring Program/Project Manager

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Jamil Evans

President, CTO and Co-Founder,
Evans & Chambers Technology

Helping organizations build secure information systems while delivering a decisive technological advantage against adversaries

Courtney Brady

VP Marketing,

Expert in marketing complex technology in a crowded marketplace.

Josh Rothman Headshot

Josh Rothman

Director of Business Development,
Supporting Strategies

Usman Paracha

Cybersecurity Analyst


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