UWIC Day 2 Session 6

  • June 16, 2022

Closing Keynote: Where Do We Go From Here: Getting Involved and Moving the Ball Forward

What we’d really like to discuss is “HOW” we can move forward. Apart from listing out breaches, talking about technologies, and the planning aspect of preparing for cybersecurity, how can one get involved in moving the ball forward. As cybersecurity must become the fabric of everyday life now, and for future generations, how can we impart the importance to the greater workforce inclusively, how (AND WHEN) can we implement the strategies that are presented by industry and government (or collaboratively), and what are existing initiatives that can be leveraged to achieve actual advancement.  What must be confidential can remain it, but so must priorities and actual wins.  Breaches and failures can become our best lessons learned and success stories widely broadcasted.  Making the difference should not only feel attainable and good, it should be immediately possible.


Tarah Wheeler, CEO, Red Queen Technologies & Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center