UWIC Day 2, Session 3

  • May 27, 2022

Combating and Outpacing Ransomware: Yes, it’s Possible

It starts out easy enough: look for the money and make a threat. Yet, ransomware is no longer just a financial crime; it is an urgent national security risk that threatens schools, hospitals, businesses, and governments across the globe. It invades our privacy, our decency and strips us of security. And it’s accelerating. This session will examine the current state and sophistication of attacks, the emerging strategies that are deployed to outpace the threat, and first-string intelligence that demands nothing less than our total effort to mitigate the scourge.


MJ Thomas, Director security at General Dynamics, Bath Iron Works

Kimberly Peretti, Partner and Co-Lead – Privacy, Cyber & Data Strategy Team at Alston & Baird

Roselle Safran, CEO and Founder at KeyCaliber