UWIC Day 2, Session 2

  • May 27, 2022

The Cyber Mafia: Combating Global Organized Crime With Rapid Scale

We know organized crime from film, literature and even more recently, social media. Yet the threat that sits behind the veil of the deep and dark web is vast and dangerous, and organized. There is a global workforce that works for the benefit of ransoming and violating the innocent, creating global havoc on a whim, and has unfortunately created a revenue generation model attractive enough to draw thousands of cyber criminals. Identifying cyber mafia for what it is, what it does, and discussing existing strategies designed to block and hinder this group is only the beginning. A real workforce is needed to combat the invisible workforce, and now is the time to begin the assembling.


Lexy Guenther, Civil Ops CTO at Leidos

Gina Yacone, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant & vCISO at Agio

Andrea Little Limbago, Vice President, Research and Analysis at Interos Inc

Jennifer Tong, Senior Security Engineer at Verisign