Uniting Women in Cyber 2021 Emergence
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Day 1 Opening Keynote Cybersecurity – An Acquisition Perspective by Ellen Lord

Day 1 Session 2 Career Transitioning Cyber or Not: Taking the Step is Half the Battle

Day 1 Session 3 Compliance Frameworks: Making them Work for the Greater Good

Day 1 Session 4 Supply Chain Risk Management

Day 1 Fireside Chat: The CISO Brief: Data Privacy, AI, Threats, and the Emerging Workforce

Closing Remarks from Teresa Shea

Day 2 Opening Keynote from Kiersten Todt

Day 2 Session 2 The Cyber Mafia: Combating Global Organized Crime With Rapid Scale

Day 2 Session 3 Combating and Outpacing Ransomware: Yes, It’s Possible

Day 2 Session 4 INFRA: Defense In-Depth and Pinpointing Criticalities

Day 2 Fireside Chat: What Are We Going to Do About Dis/Misinformation?

Day 2 Closing Remarks from Magda Chelly

Day 2 Closing Keynote: Where Do We Go From Here? Getting Involved and Moving the Ball Forward