CyberQuest for Leaders

Leaders and influencers discuss strategies to cultivate an expanded workforce, and to promote cyber awareness across all levels of the industry.

About CyberQuest for Leaders

Leaders from across the public and private sector come together with notable thought leaders and subject matter experts in cyber and digital transformation to acknowledge the serious threats that cyberattacks pose and discuss actionable strategies for success.

This is accomplished through roundtable networking events in private settings to allow participants to:

Share challenges

Discuss the potential impact of emerging trends

Discuss good practice ideas

Upcoming Events

CyberQuest Private Mixer Event Details

January 25, 2023

A private C Suite mixer. Cybersecurity executives Dave Rankin, Verisign; Rebecca McHale, Peraton; Howard Whyte, Truist; Scott McCormick, Foursquare; Matthew Swenson, Snr. VP Cadien; and Ed Cabrera, CISO Trend Micro, consider anticipated responses to threats in 2023. Will there be a ‘fight’ response and high-octane cybersecurity agenda as cyber threat levels continue to remain high ? Or does the prospect of a ‘flight’ reaction to contracting budgets and possible audience fatigue about threats that have not yet hit close to home seem more likely?

Interested in joining this and similar quality discussions? For this event contact Limited spaces available.

Spring 2022

A virtual zoom panel. Leaders from across industries discuss cybersecurity as an attractive and meaningful career for professionals of today and for the future, and what’s required to enter and to be successful in the field.

Password to Join: #6meUm4I

July 11, 2022

Executives and workforce experts who influence workforce culture, strategy and practices, for a discussion about trends, and good practice that signal what successful ‘return to work’ will look like in the region. An informed discussion facilitated by a panel of leaders and experts from across the public and private sector about how changing expectations about work are fueling ‘the great resignation’.